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A change is as good as a holiday. Are you looking for a company that can carry out professional top-quality home renovations in melbourne? Look no further. We’ve been doing professional renovations for over 20 years now, and we pride ourselves on achieving the utmost in customer satisfaction every time.
At tetris homes pty ltd, we just love the look on a customers’ faces when they walk into their newly renovated kitchen or bathroom for the first time and realise it’s even better than they had hoped it would be.

If you are looking for top-quality house renovation in melbourne, you have come to the right place. We serve with honesty and integrity, and we offer very competitive prices without compromising on quality.

What You Can Expect From Tetris Homes Pty Ltd. Regarding Renovation in Melbourne

Home Renovations Melbourne

Home Renovations Melbourne

We understand that new homes renovations Melbourne are significant investments. With this in mind, we treat each job with the respect it deserves. We make sure that you get the best quality artistry with due regard to your budget and the agreed-upon timeframe for the job. We are always looking out for your best interests.

When dealing with us, you can rest assured that you will get the best bang for your buck. We deliver quality work, use quality materials. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t leave any stone unturned in ensuring you get the best possible outcome on your project.

We are professional and prompt. Time is money after all, and therefore, we won’t waste yours. We show up on time, every day until the project is complete. We do all we reasonably can to ensure we adhere to our agreed to and pre-set timelines and budgets, ensuring that there aren’t any nasty surprises in store for you.

We offer a transparent service. We will work closely with you to ensure we effectively translate your ideas into the renovation. From initial contact, to design, and final handover, you will be involved and known in every decision, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service, including cabinetry, flooring, glazing and tiling. We will work closely with you to maximise your design ideas and the implementation thereof in your project. From start to finish, we will consider every detail.

Before you commit to any new house builders in Melbourne, we urge you to press for as much information as possible. References and detailed quotes are a great place to start.

What Sets Tetris Homes Pty Ltd. Apart Regarding Renovation Builders in Melbourne?

We are experienced and widely respected as professionals in the local domestic construction and renovations industry. Using our extensive experience in the industry, we are ideally qualified to give you sound advice on every aspect of your project, from design to materials.

We’ve done everything from multi-storey residences to new homes, home renovation Melbourne, and everything in between. We are registered professional building practitioners with experience in everything from shopfitting to cabinetry, flooring, tiling, complete kitchen, bathroom and bedroom renovation and much more.

We are passionate about and dedicated to our craft. We take personal pride in every job completed, knowing that we have delivered something of tremendous personal value and pride for our client. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are delighted with every detail of the job.

We are environmentally responsible. From start to finish, we ensure that every detail of the job meets our strict environmental and quality standards. From the design elements to the materials used in the job, we ensure that your – and our – conscience is clear.

We offer the best customer service by far in Melbourne. Our professional and friendly team will make you feel right at home and ensure that you are actively involved in the project, taking care to efficiently implement all your design and build requirements. We accept nothing short of complete customer satisfaction.

If you need to choose which room to remodel first, you’ll want to choose the room that will recoup the remodelling costs and create actual equity. This is why experts agree that choosing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom first is traditionally the smartest move. To find out which room is most appropriate in your house, call Tetris homes, the best home renovators Melbourne. We can complete large as well as small home renovations Melbourne.
Structural Repairs. The most important determining factor in whether or not a fixer-upper is worth the work is the type of repairs it needs. Generally speaking, cosmetic repairs cost much less and are easier to complete than structural, electrical or plumbing repairs. Cosmetic repairs simply take time and commitment.
According to the Renovations Roundup report from the Housing Industry Association (HIA), half of all renovations in Australia are valued between $40,000 and $300,000. The average cost of home renovations sits at approximately $50/hour, but rates can go as high as $65/hour.

Do you know how to find the best home renovators near you? Give us a call on 0409 255 738 or check suburbs we cover here.